Are you Bones fans??
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Bones DVDis an American crime drama television series. Created by Hart Hanson, the series is very loosely based on the life of forensic anthropology. The dialogue is sharp, the acting is spot on; the characters are fun and well defined and each episode is worth watching. The character are really amazing and you can see them dealing with real life and their own “world of bones” at the same time. Emily Deschanel is fantastic in the role of Dr. Temperence Brennan. Her delivery of her character’s lines makes the viewer believe that Emily really is Dr. Brennan–the genius forensic scientist. Zack is the cute, lovable genius geek forensic science grad student. Bones isn’t a one town, one cast show. In its first season, Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth traveled to Washington State, Louisiana, Los Angeles and other interesting locales to investigate bones. The writing is smart, funny and fresh. The whole Booth/Bones relationship is done very well. When you put a male/female partnership, the dynamics can be tricky. If your looking for something different apart from shows like CSI and Law and Order which are both good, then look no further than Bones DVD.

Bones DVD


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I think i have to admit now.. I was a fan of this show but CSI has replaced its place in my heart. They were not giving anything new and exciting to the viewers which also effects the show’s popularity.

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I am not big fan of bones but I like this show.

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Bones is an amazing crime-drama television series. I am big fan of this show and love to watch it regularly…..