Friday Night Lights:fall in love with it
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Friday Night Lights dvd is an excellent show. Truthful, honest, gripping, funny, and (insert your favourite adjective here), the show depicts small town life in rural Texas/(insert the name of your hometown here). While on the surface the show is about football, it is a very engaging amount of football where you find yourself cheering for the key moments the way you would if you were watching your little brother’s high school football game.

Friday Night Lights dvd about more than football though - NBC and Peter Berg have created a gem of a show, with realistic story lines and realistic characters. Kyle Chandler (Dylan the Bomb Guy for all you Grey’s fans) and Connie Britton have done a fantastic job as the two adult leads, Scott Porter has done a fantastic job at portraying someone who is paralyzed, and Aimee Teegarden and Zach Gilford are extremely believable as two teenagers in love for the first time.

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Yes, Friday Night Lights is Fabulous show, I really love to watch it. Recently, its season 5 is running very well. Now, I’m waiting for its upcoming episode 8   “Fracture”. Connie Britton is a wonderful actress and she has done great job as playing role Tami Taylor.

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This show is really fantastic. I saw it and loved it much.

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this is a fantastic great dear..

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I watch just couple of TV shows so never seen this before but as I read the plot it seems to be an interesting one to watch.