7th heaven
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Since I was in late elementary or early middle school, 7th heaven has been my all-time favorite show. I never miss an episode and always keep my friends updated on the happenings of the Camden clan.  7th heaven has always been pretty clean, which is always a plus. Especially in the earlier seasons, it had some excellent messages about cultural differences, premarital sex, drugs and alcohol, etc.

I am sick of all the shows on TV now that revolve around sex.. with as many people as possible and no consequences to anyone. Two and Half men started out funny and became stupid. How can they let that child be on the show? Remember Rachel and Phoebe.. who had sooooooo many sexual partners? (permiscuous) Remember Monica and Chandler who attacked each other in closets and didn’t have the guts to get married but rather lived together? Remember Joey who didn’t give out his real name when he had sex so they wouldn’t know him. TV now is hard to stomach for anyone who believes there is more to life than talking someone into sex and that being monogamous and committed is the best life. 7th heaven is refreshing and fun and safe for everyone. I love it!!

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