‘Glee’ Season 2 Recap
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[‘Glee’ - ‘Grilled Cheesus’]
Last week, I wanted Glee DVD to get back to some of the storytelling that made the show interesting in its first season.

Well, this week, there was more stroytelling than you could shake a stick at. And, you know what? It made for one of the more

compelling episodes of the show I’ve seen quite awhile.
Right as I started writing this review, I realized that when I see a good story on this show, it usually involves Kurt and his dad.

Sure, there have been other strong episodes involving the rest of the gang. But it’s hard to deny that Kurt is the most three-

dimensional character on the show, and whenever we see Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley on the screen together, you know you’re in for

a good story. And tonight didn’t disappoint.

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