From adulthood to death die everyone has lust in their mind, Still why everyone refuse having it?
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you are right.everyone wears a mask.we are afraid of accepting the reality(even though we are aware of the fact) because we are afraid of the society and it’s the so called values. when i accept that i am lustful, that is the starting point for understanding myself. this is applicable to all the so called human weaknesses like fear, greed, violence, envy etc.our religions are preaching to divert our attentions from all these weaknesses and keep us in deep unconciousness and we feel comfortable superficialy.when i observe my attitude, speach, thinking process, behaviour etc with the co human, my observations about me are startling and i can understand how hallow i am. when we face these weaknesses without hypocracy without condemning, without guilt, we may, probably, be out of the clutches of lust.