Paper Plates and Party Plates
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My paper plates are comparable in price to nice paper plates. However, the simularities stop there. Some benefits of our plates is that

they are more sturdy, look better, help the soil, and provide work to third world villagers. Why continue to contribute to waste from

your dining? Use Natural Paper Plates, and help enrich the soil in your backyard or garden. Or simply dispose of plates properly and

rest assured that they will not contribute to waste buildup.

Help your planet, GO GREEN, use My Paper Plates.

Disposable paper plates are a must for all family outings or wedding parties. However, why not support our planet by “going green” at

your next function? Natural Paper Plates are clean, safe, completely bio-degradeable, and 100 percent all natural. They are more study

and durable than paper plates, and provide a much classier look. So please do your planet and guests a favor, use Natural Paper Plates.

The Areca tree, which is found in India, naturally sheds its leaves throughout the year. Instead of rotting on the ground, these fallen

leaves are collected, pressure washed, scrubbed, sun dried, formed and then sterilized to produce a completely natural plate! This

process involves no cutting down of trees. Because each leaf is all natural, the plates vary between white and pearl colors, to light

beige and brown. All our eco friendly plates are created in a safe and hygienic workplace. Besides helping our environment, the process

of making these plates provides much needed work to villagers in India, who have very little source of income.

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Paper plates are inexpensive, available and easy for little hands to manipulate.  Need some ideas for playtime?
Good quality paper products make life easier in restaurants, offices and homes, so much so that products like paper plates and bowls, napkins, towels, bags and so on

have become indispensable items on food business shopping lists.

so make some good work for our planet by using paperplates

thanks for posting

regards !

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Its very good Idea…
It is very useful in an ocassion, easy to handle and unbreakble….
In my family more than 10 functions Celebrate in one year… paper plates is better option to serve foods….
I like that…..

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When it comes to serving meals for important events or outdoor parties, people look for more

convenient and economical food serving solutions. In that case, paper plates are the best options that are

perfect for any occasion. Thanks for the post.

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You could always get the real paper plates for those not messy things, and then maybe you won’t feel as bad about throwing them out. At less than a penny a plate, they’re much cheaper than the plastic coated things. Also thinner, but they leak if you have anything messy on them. For taking a sandwich outside, they’re great.