The Crime Of Father Amaro
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Crime of Father Amaro I finished tonight and I do not know what to say. Some novels are so perfect, so delicately constructed that they defy the language of praise. But here are some ideas:

1) Father Amaro in the history of Portuguese literature, the eldest son of a bitch. He is so vile, so disgusting, so it’s a cowardly novelist that makes it equally attractive as it is a testament to the talent ECA. How far that his vendetta against those who attack her reputation would be known, his desire for an innocent woman, his crimes avoid scams? He just does not know any moral boundaries.

2) wonderful sense of humor! ECA was a great satirist and a dirty joke without breaking a sweat can change a man’s tragedy. I on the cover to prevent hipocrisy, sordidness and Eça’z cover letter without ridicule laughed.

3) What a tedious novel! I felt relief when I book off for good. The novel really fevered brain is pulsating with activity. It is complete, full of ideas, it is a huge demand on the reader.

ECA return a real pleasure. This year for me one of the best novels I’ve read, there’s Madame Bovary and the master and with Margarita.

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