Milan Kundera
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Milan Kundera’s first novel remains his most honest that I’ve read so far. I essayism troops or that could inform any work since then. I have always enjoyed Kundera narrators, watching from a distance, they are weaving action and they made comments on the world is suffering and their characters demiurges epiphanies like taking notes about the fish. Instead demiurges Kundera us four first-person narrators: Ludvik, Helena, Jaroslav and Kostka does.

My home town and a chance encounter with a former lover returns Ludvik begins his memoirs: a young student he used to belong to a stupid joke to him as party politics and was expelled from college. Will he put crime? A silly love note he wrote to his girlfriend, sardonically Trotsky compliment. Kundera quickly rule a clearly shows the guilt of living. Is considered an enemy of the state, Ludvik mines a few years goes to work. And there he first Lucia, the woman who begins to get her memories.

They Kundera halfway through his career he just did not want to consider a political writer complained. He joked about politics can not help write. Party officials that he humourlessness judge describes the plight of the enemies of the state, conditions of mines. Erosion of the Soviet regime analyzes the popular Czech culture, Ludvik old colleague Jaroslav, a musician who wants to survive in the rural tradition personified.

Sex abounds, and in this regard, it reads like any other Kundera novel. Here’s a weapon, he instead: Ludvik the Zemanek, peer, who sealed his fate with the party want to find, uses as his wife, Helena, though unexpected effect that seduces.

Kundera writes attractive women. I’ve read all his novels he has always taken center stage, full of vitality and strength in the. She Lucia, a mysterious woman, the novel’s soul, and even if he disappears for most of the novel makes, the story engine.

Milan Kundera once again left me thrilled and in awe after finishing a novel, making me to want to continue to read his work.