Top 10 PS3 Games of 2010
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Sony had a pretty rocking 2009 with games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and inFamous, and 2010 already looks like another great year for first-party and/or exclusive PS3 titles (in addition to the solid multiplatform titles like BioShock 2). Anyone who complains that the PS3 doesn’t have enough games to justify its existence needs only to look at God of War 3, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, and even 3D Dot Game Heroes to see the error of their ways. We haven’t even touched on what possible surprises Sony and its friends might reveal later at E3 or somesuch. And again, if this list could be a little bigger, then we’d fit in games like Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II, and MAG.

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I will not say what the game is over because everyone has an opinion. I never liked playing Uncharted 2. Frankly, I am sure there a better game.

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I have played lots of them in this list but I just want to know is there any 2nd part of freedom fighter. I m mad about this game, one of the best that I played.