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Finally! There is a company that understands that sometimes one needs to have something delivered right away that may be oversized. I cannot tell you how many household projects I have put off or cancelled because I could not get the materials I needed delivered to my house. Even if the products I needed were at a local store, I did not have a way to transport them home. And even if I did have a way to get them home, it would be somewhat difficult to transport the items on my own. And, of course, when you need such things done everyone seems to be busy anyway.

The reason I am so excited is that DIY stores are now offering delivery on big and bulky items. Better yet, those items are able to be delivered the next day. So the next time you are working on a large project such as your deck and run out of decking boards, you can simply log on or call Wickes and have the boards the next day. By the way, I use that example because decking board are currently 20% off. What could be a better way to start summer than on a new deck? If that isn’t enough incentive, we have Wickes voucher codes and discount codes to sweeten the pot.

You are looking for products for the inside’ a DIY has that, too. Be sure to look at the tile that’s on sale!

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