Mobile clients in the future
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With domestic telecommunications company reorganization, 3G era coming. In order to satisfy the users more abundant 3G handset applications, mobile phones and client software will have good opportunities for development. Mobile client refers installed on software, such as the QQ, fly, real players traditional PC clients,Cell Phones customers can download and install the phone client software, or the use of mobile pre-installed client software. Mobile phones used software developers by phone desktop client can occupy, cultivate customer loyalty, For mobile phone users, client, can be installed on the PC on the Internet.Bar Phone The author engaged in mobile phone client development, summarized some experiences, recently and discuss the future mobile clients.
In 2007, apple, launched iPhone safari built-in browser, give way to access the Internet through the WiFi,Slide Phone and using the multi-point touch (multi - touch) technology, the user can use finger amplification, narrow and mobile web pages, and greatly increase the mobile web browsing the web and make the experience in mobile browse web page in the cool and change very convenient, iPhone at ajax, support the video, youtobe support the future upgrades safari browser will built-in flash plug-in, Followed by Google introduced Android mobile phone open source operating system and mobile nature will take alliance, the integration of Google search all the various services and applications, Nokia, New Cell Phones the future comprehensive turning to the Internet phone will built-in symbian s60 safari, and mobile WEB browser preset, 6 6 - WEB time-released - extends the WEB browser to symbian s60 widgets support through various WEB designers and develop widgets partners can create a favorite Internet user experience, just need to standby screen or applied in symbian s60 menu gently. The movement can be supported by Widgets are functional (such as search), commercial (such as shopping), community related (such as the use of electronic mail), and multimedia (such as audio video), etc. S60 platform will support the latest touch handwritten function, will also support more touch technology.PDA Smart Phones
Early because wireless network bandwidth small and weak instability, browser function and user experience is very bad, many companies have developed by phone client, C/S mode provide Internet content services, such as news, music, etc, such a community better user experience. But there are many fatal mobile client, such as mobile phone, the screen too platform and the keyboard and varied, mobile client software can fit a lot of mobile phones, in addition,WIFI Cell Phone client promotion is a great challenge, let users to download and install the software is the difficulty, users also worry that install client will bring mobile phone viruses or rogue software, because the phone user directory and can call, such as mobile phone viruses or rogue software, PC users than much damage.
The future of wireless network bandwidth with mobile phone software function, strengthen, many will be mobile web browser. Moreover, the wireless application fields are also use mobile phones client using C/S mode and the future application of industry will transform for the web edition, adopting B/S model Watch Phones on the development, client program, all through the web. Function
It became evident that mobile phones and PC, will be the future, more and more incline to Internet WEB. The software industry in PC happen, future will also azan again. With the PC, only some users need tools to the client accepts user, such as IM tools such as QQ, MSN, network game, download tools like thunder, mp3 player, but, as such, the browser, etc.Dual SIM Phones
Anyhow, the tools of mobile phone client is the direction of future, the client mobile phones are mobile Internet and future, will be the PC and the Internet WEB copy on the direction of development, better with mobile terminal is the client software manufacturers preset mobile desktop.TV Phones

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