Domestic pollution easily induced vitiligo
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Vitiligo has a relationship with environmental pollution. Contact with some of the

alkylphenol compounds (such as tert-Butyl phenol, etc.) can induce vitiligo. The incidence

of vitiligo have followed an increasing trend. In addition, water, air, vegetables, grain

and other 白癜风的治疗方法 pollution, or from

life, leading to Vitiligo symptoms.
  Industrial sewage pollution on the environment is a higher incidence in recent years,

one of the reasons. Discharge of untreated industrial emissions, waste water, and the rapid

growth in motor vehicle exhaust emissions contain many harmful substances in the body. In

recent years, found a large number of emissions of fluorine refrigerants damage the ozone

layer in the 白癜风的病因 atmosphere, leading to

excessive ultraviolet radiation to the surface, that would cause injury.
  Can be seen from the above, in normal times for domestic pollution must not be

discounted. Chongqing Dibang Vitiligo experts reminded

the public: domestic pollution easily induced vitiligo, so live in peace as far as possible

away from the pollution.