Logo Design & Branding - A Relationship Theorem
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Imagine yourself walking down the street without a face swelling with all kind of people. What will they make of you? Nothing. Because without a face you are nobody to be recognized or dealt with. Just like that your business is nobody without a face. But what is the face of a business? Let’s find out.

Which is the world largest fast food chain? McDonalds Of course. What came to your mind when you thought of them? Their outlets? Their workers? Their food? OR The Golden arches forming up the English alphabet “M”? Yes. The Golden arches is how you remember one of the world’s largest brand although they have countless other reasons to be remembered and recognized but their identity for you is their Golden Arches Sign which is what? Their logo.

Your business logo is what identifies you where you are unable to reach and speak for yourself. This is what takes you to places where you cannot go and creates an identity for you. The very first thing the customers or the potential customers look at is not what you are offering but what you are. They look for a strong identity which compels them to walk into you and buy from you.

In order to create this strong brand identity you have to come up with a logo design first and foremost because this would be the face of your business and it would be the ultimate identity of your business. This logo design is supposed to be the exact indicator of what you are. That means you have to spread your message using your logo. This is the fastest and most efficient medium of distributing your message and your brand in the market.

The easiest way to do this is to get a custom logo design. A custom logo design is a logo design which is adapted to the image of your brand. That means you can signify and personate the policies of your company in the logo. For Example McDonalds was recently targeted the world over for being the largest producer of the ever notorious “Global Warming” which seriously hurt their brand identity. What they did to neutralize this image warp was they customized their world famous business logo with the addition of Green color which is an indicator of the environment friendly policies.

When you are branding your business you are not just presenting your product for the customers to take a look at but you are significantly propagating everything about your business in a seemingly subtle but actually in an obvious way for the customers who are smart enough and enlightened enough to understand the idea of the logo when they are looking at the branding ideas of your business. A custom logo design is the best way to do that.

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You have explained the whole idea of logo quite nicely and that too with good example at start. I have a movie website and i am looking after to change the logo of it, your idea will definitely help me alot to improve that.