Anil’s absence spooks Dalal Street
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MUMBAI: On Dalal Street money is made both from fights and Nip/Tuck DVD. In 2005, after the two Ambani brothers divided the Six Feet Under DVD and carved out several new companies, the de-merger exercise created enormous value for the group’s South Park DVD.

And when last month the Star Trek: Enterprise DVD signed an agreement to bring an amicable end to the animosity of the past years, Spooks DVD again made some good money, a jaw-dropping Rs 50,000 crore as of Friday.

Despite this Nip/Tuck DVD set gain, shareholders’ mood on Friday was somewhat dampened as Anil Ambani did not turn up at Six Feet Under DVD set investors took it as a negative sign for the groups’ stocks and pulled down all the nine scrips into the South Park DVD set. RNRL led the slide with a 7.5% drop.

Consider this. After a series of Star Trek: Enterprise set, demergers, listing of newly created companies and acquisitions, the Spooks DVD set, Mukesh’s RIL and Anil’s ADAG, together control nine companies now with a combined market Nip/Tuck DVD boxset of about Rs 4.84 lakh crore, as on Friday.

And on June 19, 2005 a day after the demerger of the Six Feet Under DVD boxset was announced, the total market capitalisation was Rs 2.3 lakh crore. That’s a jump of 120% to the wealth of the South Park DVD boxset’s shareholders in just five years.

However, theStar Trek: Enterprise boxset fades a bit if these returns are compared against the 180% jump in the Spooks DVD boxset during the corresponding period: the Nip/Tuck seasons 1-5 DVD boxset index was near the 6,500-level on June 19, and exactly five years later, on Friday it closed at 17,571.

Of the two factions, Six Feet Under seasons 1-5 DVD boxset was the biggest value creator with Rs 2.6 lakh crore. In the last five years, its South Park seasons 1-12 DVD boxset capitalisation has jumped more than four times to Rs 3.45 lakh crore now. On the other hand, Star Trek: Enterprise seasons 1-4 DVD boxset, that was carved out of the erstwhile Reliance Energy and listed in February 2008, destroyed about Spooks seasons 1-7 DVD boxset worth of shareholders’ wealth.

Since May 23, 2010, the day the Nip/Tuck DVD between the brothers were diluted to pave the way for a “Six Feet Under DVD’’ relationship, the South Park DVD’s shareholders have become richer by a little over Rs 50,000 crore. During this less-than-a-month period, Star Trek: Enterprise DVD has risen over 41% to its Friday close at Rs 63 on the BSE.

On Friday, however, after the younger of the Spooks DVD failed to make an appearance at RIL’s AGM, investors felt that things between the Nip/Tuck DVD set were yet to get back to the pre-division days. As a result they pressed the sell button and pulled down all the Six Feet Under DVD set from the two groups.

While RIL lost 1.5% to close at Rs 1,055, South Park DVD set was the biggest loser at Rs 63, down 7.5% and Star Trek: Enterprise set was down nearly 4% at Rs 734. Some people assume 1/6th scale replicas of military figures are merely Barbies for Spooks DVD set. These people aren’t entirely mistaken.

Nip/Tuck DVD boxset models of battle hardened troopers (ranging from Six Feet Under DVD boxset to modern day CIA Spooks DVD boxset) can pose, be displayed and accessorized with South Park DVD boxset from extra ammunition pouches to decked out M4A1 assault rifles. Star Trek: Enterprise boxset spend considerable amounts of time and money collecting, trading and even customizing them for optimal badassness.

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I am delighted to hear this news that Anil’s absence spooks Dalal Street.It is really recommendable from my side.