Make your browser 10 times faster for your auto surfing program
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Make your browser 10 times faster for online games like farmville and mafia wars or your auto surfing marketing sessions, 15-20 seconds will become shorten to 2-4 seconds;earn 500-700 auto surfing points per hour with this powerful DELUXE BROWSER 5.6 software, no more long tedious waiting for the auto surfing timer countdown clock spend more quality time where it’s really needed!This software works excellent with FIREFOX browser and a great tool for any auto surfing sites at extreme speed and online facebook games!!Great for using with auto surfing marketing sites like LISTJOE.COM and the LISTAUCTION.COM; easy 123 set ups in less than a minute and dramatically cuts down surfing time for each sites to 2-4 seconds, gaining you surfing point much much faster!!