General Auto Surfing Programs strategies
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If you haven’t enough to invest don’t join many programs. Join the bests!You have to have business plan, such as “I can invest $M. I want to get maximum profit for the next N month”. It helps you to choose right programs.Remember, any program has its lifetime.  So don’t build your business plan for very long time. You can rebuild it at any time. Don’t think that it is your second income. It is very dynamical business.Make serious investment as soon as possible to reduce risk to lose. One or two days running program is enough to realize whether this program is suitable for you or not.Minimize your risk by investing enough to be qualified for a payout every month. Example: Earning 1% per day with a minimum payout of $20, you would invest a minimum of $70 (including any free offered bonus such as $10+$60). $70*0.01*30=$21 > $20.