TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hours 23 and 24 - Not the Show’s Finest
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This is not an ďOh my God ó did you see that?Ē kind of wow. Itís more of an ďOh my God, I must have missed something ó from here it looked like a whole lot of nothing!Ē

I want to just head right to the end of these final 24 hours dvd seasontwo hours (which appeared to end five minutes too soon Ė or was that due to the timing of the commercials?) and wallow in disappointment. Even now itís hard to admit my frustration. When I heard my peers and other fans express their dissatisfaction with this season six earlier on Ė I kept quiet. I enjoyed watching each hour tick by, usually intrigued by the conflicts, and amused by the inconsistencies.

And speaking of inconsistencies, Iíve always poked a lot of fun at the show, but with a familial protectiveness; much like the big sister who is merciless with her goofy little brother Ė until outside forces try to interfere, then the older sister becomes the fierce protector. I could make fun of 24 hours dvds season; I did it from a loving place, if you will.

I had the right.
Now, Iím not abandoning the show at all. Iíll follow all press releases, news, and fan sites from now until season seven. But now 24 hours dvd seasons I donít see the point in holding back my surprised displeasure with this much-touted season finale. But Iíll get to that after discussing some of the last two hours not in any particular order.

Daniels and Subarov evidently have offices right next door to each other. Why else would they have the same sunlight coming in their windows? The only explanation that comes close to being satisfying is that we must assume that the 4:00 hour is Pacific Time. And the outdoor footage there is still in appropriate darkness. Therefore 24 hours dvd box set it has to be approximately 7:00 AM at the White House. But that doesnít jive with the previous episode, which occurred between 3:00 and 4:00 AM (Pacific) and between 6:00 and 7:00 AM (Eastern). If you recall, in the scenes with Lisa under surveillance at Bishopís apartment, it was quite dark.

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I am not much impressed of 24 tv show. However it is not much boring…Overall it is okay for time pass…

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I didn’t seen any episode of season 6 yet but definitely will follow this show online.