House M.D.’: Blogging might just save your life
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fter a monthlong hiatus, “House MD dvd set” returned with a bang last night. The episode, titled “Private Lives,” guest-starred longtime television favorite Laura Prepon as Frankie, a blogger who obsessively reports the minutiae of her life to her online followers.
Frankie is obsessed with being completely open and honest with her readers, so she blogs everything: from arguments with her boyfriend to the state of her sex drive.

Things grow more complicated when Frankie’s heart valve needs to be replaced. She’s faced with two options. A plastic valve would last but require drugs that cause birth defects, while a pig valve would allow for a healthy pregnancy but require replacement every 10 years. Frankie’s husband, Taylor, has been hoping for children, but it’s not him she consults about the dilemma, it’s the blogosphere.
Though her blog may be destroying her marriage, it does help the doctors diagnose her condition. Over the years, Frankie developed a tendency to post in the middle of the night. Day-night reversal indicated liver failure. Ultimately, however, House M.D. dvd found the cause of her liver failure (Whipple’s disease) by examining the one part of her life she didn’t blog about ... her bowel movements.