The Efforts For A Bon Jovi Concert At ARCO Arena
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ARCO Arena in SACRAMENTO (capital of State of California) was packed till the roof with thousands of people rocking out to Bon Jovi on Tuesday 2nd March. During “The Circle” tour of the band, Sacramento was the sixth impede. According to Mike Rew who is the crew chief said that, “till present, this tour is recorded to be the most advanced or state-of-the-art tour by the band.”

This performance is in fact a multi-media presentation. For this concert they required 80 crew members in all along with adequate amount of equipment to fill 17 semi trucks. According to Rew, this show holds some special distinct effects which were never used prior to this in any rock concert. For instant, back of the stage, 5 robotic arms where there to hold five giant video screens. Before the Tuesday show, Rew told FOX40 that “These arms are actually the ones used to make cars and we used these for holding the screens?.

Due to organizing this event at an old venue, ARCO Arena, many technical challenges were faced. Before the commencement of the concert, Rew elaborated tour?s lightning and speaker system by walking up on the stage while pointing those he said that “the great challenge we are facing at old arena is all of this stuff hanging in the air. If we had gone for new arenas we wouldn?t have faced all such issues, still this one is not too bad.” He added.

Guitar collection of Richie Sambora’s was also displayed by Rew. The estimated worth of this collection worth to be 600,000(US Dollars). According to Rew, Richie carries 36 guitars at a time on the road, and plays variety of sounds and tones by using 10 to 15 guitars at a night.

At Bon Jovi Concerts area, the private changing room of Jon Bon Jovi located under the stage was well stocked with water as well as iced tea.

It is quite challenging as well as tiring work for the crew to set up all the required equipment and also to carry it to a lot of cities, until the mid of summers. But the chief of the crew Rew seems to be so zealous and enthusiastic and according to him it?s a rock man show and it is the best job in his entire carrier.

The next performance of the band is expected to show off at Staples Center in Los Angeles on this Thursday night, 4th March, 2010.

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