A different kind of game room?
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My goal it to design a game room specifically for my PC. My name is John and I’m addicted to PC gaming. Instead of trying to combat this deadly disease, I have chosen to embrace my passion with a room dedicated to PC gaming.

My real problem is a complete lack of design creativity. That is why I am posting here. I need help with design tips/hints/ideas for a dedicated PC gaming room. My wife has given me an 8x11 room for this purpose. This room is a blank slate just waiting for a design.

Here is a link to a basic floor plan for my room.

I need links to places or other tips on where I might get design ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello friends
I’m thinking something like those specialty gaming cage type apparatus that wraps around you. I had drawn one up a few years ago around what would be described as a dental chair. Monitors and speakers will be mounted to something similar to a drummers kit with controllers to the side on the armrests. There are companies that design and manufacture setups like this, if I can find one online I’ll post a link.

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Well john I don’t think that such a special room will be displayed on net. Instead I suggest you to find some interior decorator and just give me and tell your exact purpose.

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yeah ! I am agree with you and you have to definitely contact to any of the best Interior or exterior decorator for it. He will suggest and guide you betterly than any other. Then you can get such type of discussed room.