How to change MAC Address??
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Hello every one
I just wanna know if someone know how we can change MAC Address
or if anyone have tutorial that explain how
Thank you

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Hey Bruce
will you explain which operating system you are currently using….
so i can help you more easily.

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You could always try your searches online. Further guides and instructions will be accessible in there. Hope this helps!

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Under Linux, you can change your MAC address with `ifconfig <interface> hw <class> <a>`

Under Windows, the MAC address is stored in a registry key. To change a MAC address, find that key with `regedit` and change it. Of course, Microsoft keeps moving the location of the key around!Windows XP adds an option to change the MAC address on some network cards under the Advanced tab in the network adapter’s Properties menu.A much easier and more reliable method to change a MAC address under Windows is to use a software utility program designed to do this for you.