An introduction to golf clubs
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There are basically three kinds of Golf Clubs that are used by golfers: (1) woods, (2) irons, and (3) putters. The wood is usually the first club that golfers use in each hole. This is because woods are the most powerful clubs in the entire golf set. Thus, you’ll be able to hit the ball furthest down the fairway when you use this club.

After hitting the ball with your wood, you will then be hitting it with one of your irons. Irons comprise the bulk of your golf club set. If you take a look at these you will notice that they are numbered. The higher the number of an iron, the more accurate and less powerful it is. The iron you will use is dependent on how far you want your ball to move.

There are special kinds of irons, such as which can be used in difficult situations such as TaylorMade R9 Irons,Ping G15 Irons,Callaway X-22 Irons etc. when your ball has fallen into a sand trap or has gotten trapped in a rough patch of grass. These special clubs are called sand wedges and pitching wedges respectively. When you ball has finally landed on the green it is finally time to use your final and most important club-the putter.

Putters are used to slightly tap the ball with just the right amount of strength, so that the ball falls into the hole. It takes a great deal of practice to master using your putter because there is no room for mistake here as the target is very small. But as long as you practice in the driving range and on golf courses, you should master how to use all your clubs easily.

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in my perception though if you watch golf games and it seems like the sports was easy to play, but the truth is, its not that easy as its looks you need to master those three clubs that used i different situation of the game. it requires a lots of practice and perseverance.

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in my perception though if you watch golf games and it seems like the sports was easy to play