How to download YouTube videos and import them to iMovie for editing?
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However, not all the people have found a proper way to download YouTube videos, not to mention how to add these files to iMovie for editing.  YouTube videos are in the format of FLV, which is not a workable format in iMovie, so if you want to import YouTube videos to it without trouble, you should convert FLV files to iMovie compatible formats such as MPEG-4 and MOV in advance. With the special intention of solving these two problems, this guide will show you how to download YouTube videos and import them to iMovie for editing step by step. If you are in need, just feel free to go along with it.

more info search “pavtube youtube converter for mac” in google

Good luck

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Are you still feeling troublesome to search for a useful freeware to download your beloved YouTube videos?  Since more and more YouTube downloaders are appearing in the market without intervals, various sorts of software really make our eyes dazzled. Which one is free? Which one is ease-to-use? Which one is powerful? Which one is the best of all? All these questions have become big headaches when you are lingering among them to make a decision. In purpose of pulling you out of this dilemma, I?d like to recommend you a practical free YouTube downloader, which I?ve been in use for some time, and works well all along. Take it easy to see whether it is useful or not.

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just download a video converter.
and thats it you can do whatever format you wanted.

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I have a Mac Pro and Windows Xeon Dell workstation running Windows. I use both photo and video editing. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. I like OS X, I really do. It is not perfect, but yes I am leaning towards most of what I'm doing now.

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Can you suggest a good video downloader?

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If You Want to Download the Video From the You Tube Then You must have to Downloader for the You Tube.If You Don’t have it.Then There is No Problem You can Easily Download it From the Internet.You have to search the Youtube Downloader it’s Free ware So you can Download it Easily.This is the Tools for Download the Video From the You Tube You have to Copy the Embed Code From the You Tube and Paste in to the You tube Download and Give the Start Download Option.

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you guys can try DownloadHelper for Mozilla firefox! It can download not only YT videos but almost any kind of online streaming applications.

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Just go to the website
You can download your favorite video by copy pasting the URL from You Tube.

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Even I was looking for this method. Thanks for posting. This is Really useful Thread.