The PGA a bunch of cowards, get some courage.
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The PGA should be ashamed of it self, in November they will make Ted Rhodes, John Shippen, Bill Spiller and Joe Louis members of the PGA. 1. I think that this type of award should be given at the height of the golf season where millions of viewers and fans of the sport will be able to see and celebrate the efforts and the courage of these great men, and here we are hiding it away when the season is over. This should be done with millions of Americans watching not in some closed meeting where no one can hear it or see it. The statement that the PGA released was another cowardly act ” The PGA of America believes these men but for the color of their skin would have been members who play the game, teach the game,and promote the game. I think that anyone that follows golf knows that Sam Snead would have had a very differcult time beating Ted Rhodes, or Mr. Palmer beating Mr. Spiller or Mr. Nicklas beating Mr. Spiller or Mr. Shippen. The PGA should acknowledge that these men would have been champions of the game of golf. The PGA still won’t acknowledge what is absolutely true these men on many occasions would have beat many of the caucasian players noted above. PGA, acknowledge what is true, these champions have waited long enough. What is there to fear, three out of the four of them are dead. Thanks, a true fan of the sport.