Portable Spy or SleuthGear
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Maybe you’re not a detective or employee of the CIA, but now you don’t have to be.

If you need to get the “skinny” on an individual, listen or see in a covert way, all you need to do is get a high quality “tool.” The nice thing about the technology available today is that it’s very impressive and you don’t need a special license to purchase it.

Let’s say you suspect the kid down the street of stealing something off your property, but the police won’t come out unless you have proof. RIGHT! Well, now you can have proof.

Mount a wireless video camera where you get a good view and when you have them, then make your case to police. http://tinyurl.com/cqkbuz (The best part is, he’ll never even see a camera because these are so hidden and easy to use, they make you look like an agent for the FBI.)

Have you ever wished you could record a conversation without the person knowing? I have.
The devices now are so high quality and covert that no one but you will even know there’s a digital recorder running. http://tinyurl.com/c5c5ns

You can actually video tape anything or anyone wearing a baseball cap! http://tinyurl.com/db6o6pYou wouldn’t suspect a video camera any more than seeing a flying cow! This stuff is cool!!

https://www.wireless-videocam.com/ features the latest technology in SleuthGear, covert and wireless video cameras for home/office and business surveillance and security protection.