Twitter coming to OnStar vehicles
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Here’s the scoop! Twitter coming to OnStar-equipped vehicles. We don’t have a firm date yet, but hit that link for a look at the video! 😊 Let us know what you think - cool, dangerous, unnecessary?


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I guess it’s a little bit of everything. It’s cool, it’s definitely got some dangerous value, and truly, is it necessary? I like the usefulness of the idea, but I do believe it will be another distraction for drivers who are already fairly distracted anyway.

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For some reason I hate twitter and all the hype that comes with it really bothers me.

Next we will hear about people wrecking their OnStar vehicle because they were checking their friends latest twitter or something.

Even the media is pushing twitter.  I guess it is alright & is a different networking tool, but I just dont get it.

I probably never will get twitter :(