Ezycashgifts scam or not
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Hi I found a topic from a member of this site talking about ECG and I thought I would try it out for the little 5 dollar investment and I couldnt believe what I saw! He was actually right.

For those of you that dont know what it is it is cash gifting, but it is legal. Let me explain. With illegal cash gifting structures all the money went to the top dogs and then they distributed the money how they felt, but with this system the money goes to you. If you are a little shaky about the whole gifting idea, so was I. I spent the whole day researching and I found out that it is legal for a person to give money or properties to anyone else without tax as long as it doesnt pass 12,000 dollars a year.

I started promoting it a night ago and had 20 dollars in the morning. I couldnt believe that 4 people joined in that short amount of time.

Later in the evening I had another 6 people join me. I cant believe that this actually works.

Here’s a few things about the business.

1) It is only 5 dollars to join and there is no recurring fees.

2) It only works with alert pay which is free. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and link a debit or credit card. If you dont have one you can go here to get one free


3) Its still new so if your looking for something that’s not saturated, then this is it.

4) Make sure to join under someone even if its not me because if you dont then you will not have an upline to go to when you need help.

Join today for just 5 dollars with the link below.


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teaching this method for almost 10 years, how they felt, but with this system the money goes to you

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