Free wii points/ms points/xbox live/rs membership/other prizes!!
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Its simple!!

1. Click here:

2. Sign-Up, Its fast and simple!

3. Fill out surveys, most surveys take MAX 2 MINUTES! Others, like those you just have sign-up and click a confirm link, TAKE 1 MINUTE OR LESS!

4. Claim your prize. If its a virtual prize they will simple send your code to your E-mail and you usually get the code the next day or the same day!!!

This site DOES WORK! I have personally gotten a wii points card, ultimate game card, and a DVD!!

If you dont believe me here is a picture of the E-mail i have gotten from gaminglagoon for my wii points card.


If you still do not believe me.  Then go to gaminglagoon’s forums and look at the testimonies of the real people who have received prizes and their prize pictures.

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