MLB National League Comeback Player Nominations
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Nomar Garciaparra, 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers
Garciaparra, my how far his star had fallen.  He was considered one of the best in the game back during his heyday with the Boston Red Sox and was even given the accolade of being the Red Sox’s best ever by Ted Williams.  And the fact that the Red Sox almost traded him for Alex Rodriguez a few seasons ago, had many of Red Sox Nation up in arms.  Unfortunately, Garciaparra was traded and was never the same, thanks in part to injuries.  He went close to home last season by signing with the Dodgers, but got injured and didn’t play much at all for his new club.  Well, Garciaparra has this season, although he’s on the D.L. currently, and he’s been wicked good when he’s been on the field.