Live for Metal! Pantera rocks!
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I’m a big metal head, Pantera is my favorite band. Anyone else here a fan? I’m still a huge Dimebag fan, even though he’s gone.. It saddens me to think about his loss, but I still keep him alive.

I just got a book about him from his brother Vinnie’s site here, its called “He Came to Rock” it’s pretty awesome, has a bunch of pictures, and my favorite is the dvd it comes with, DIMEBAGVISION. I found a clip of the dvd to share with ya’ll, it’s pretty cool I think.

DIMEBAG Clip here


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Pantera does indeed rock. Dimebag was a super cool dude from what I understand. It’s a shame when musicians have to go out like that. For me the golden years of Pantera were 89-94. I still dig the rest but the old is the best IMO.

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I really like pandora, its been my favorite band since i was 12.
I have always enjoyed there lirics.

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I liked Pantera, mostly because of Dimebag’s guitar playing.  I even bought the Washburn guitar that he designed and I love it.