Hit and Run (Screw you!)
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My car got hit and run over the weekend.

I have a 2005 Mazda 3 Sedan GT. Spent over 21 thousand dollars on the car.

It was hit and run for 5.5k worth of damage. Thats my entire 4 months of summers work.

I wont even be able to fix it till next summer because I have to pay tuition. People are rediculous…

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Not good :blank:  at all.  Don’t you have insurance? If you were parked in a mall lot ask the mall to check security footage maybe they can get the guy.

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Insurance should cover you on a hit and run. If the car is that new most likely you have a loan and full coverage insurance. Just make the claim and wait for them to fix it. Your deductible surely can’t be $5,000. It’s probably more like $500 or maybe a $1,000. I would look into it if I was you.

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