Byte 018: We Destroy a Mac Classic
Posted: 04 July 2006 04:41 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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Some people complained that we misrepresented responsible gun owners by not accounting for richochet. but there were bigger dangers we didn’t take into account upon frame by frame analasys by Nate and I later. The main problem was that the bullett traveled through the front of the first container of propane as a pellet and began to spread into a flatter shape (this is common for bullets traveling through other metal objects, and we knew this) because of this the exit point was bigger. the bigger the hole in a pressurized volume the more material can escpe at once. What does this mean? Shooting a propane cylinder from straight on propells it towards the shooter, and it did. in slower motion than you see on the video two frames show the front cylinder shooting violently FORWARD from under the computer, luckily its path curved to the side and we found it nestled in some rocks closer to the main camera. But we learned a lesson and will be more responsible in the future when breaking stuff.