Track list for Guitar Hero World Tour
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Very interesting - word on the street is that the Guitar Hero World Tour set list has been leaked onto the interwebs. If the list is to be believed, then World Tour is gonna have 87 tracks (14 of them being bonus tracks, 7 of them being sample songs), along with a few guitar battles that will make you go one-on-one with the likes of Sting and Ted Nugent.

Check out the post to see the rumored Guitar Hero World Tour track list.


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If the track list is accurate, then GH:WT should be pretty rad! Now we just have to wait and see.

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The setlist is awesome.  I can’t wait to pick it up.  I just need to save up some more money first.  I’m going to rock so hard to Muse- Assassin, Metallica - Trapped Under Ice, and System of a Down - BYOB.

The marketing company I work for is actually doing a promotion for KFC/Guitar Hero: World Tour.  We designed a widget that allows you to create your own band as well as recruit fans.  The band with the most fans will win Guitar Hero console prize packs or two years of digital music worth $730!  It’s a real cool campaign.  You can view the widget at: