Unboxing the Flip Mino
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We just put up a Flip Mino unboxing gallery. Check it out - a tiny little camcorder for under $200 that can record up to one hour of video at a time 😊


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The Flip mino is becoming youtuber’s best friend.  I have seen a bunch of videos where they give the Flip a shoutout because they are using it.

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Wow, that is a fantastic gallery Gear Live. Very nice shots and this is the first time I’ve heard of the Flip Mino, when was it released?

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I read about this on the front page. Someone said it was more for utube users then anything, that made me decide against it. I dont use utube that much so I wouldnt get no benefit from it. I probably wouldnt use it much and I wouldnt pay a whole lot for something that I would rarely use, I take more pictures then anything and I have a digital camera for that.

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my opinion is that if your not going to be using this camcorder to get some quick videos to upload on the web it’s not worth it. It would be much better to pay the extra bit of cash and get yourself a better quality camcorder. Don’t get me wrong with all this negativity, but if u are a youtuber, you should snag this up right away. Also, like littlebull said, if you do take more pictures than video, just get a good digital camera that takes decent videos. For example, I would suggest the Olympus Stylus 1010. This digital camera is extremely small but yet has 7x optical zoom built in (incredible). This also takes decent videos at 640x380 at 30fps.