Post your Favorite Snacks if you got the Munchies
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What’s your favorite thing to eat when your hungry? Post it here!

Mine is as simple as a ham/cheese sandwhich.

1.Get a couple slices of toast
2.Put some butter on it (not too much), but enough to keep it crunchy/crispy
3.Put a slice or two of your favorite ham (mines Honey Ham).
4.On top of that put your favorite shredded cheese (I usually put yellow American shredded cheese)
5.That’s it! Easy, simple, and tastes great.

Enjoy! And remember to post your favorite snack as well.

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Hmm, well, I’m way more healthy now and if I get hungry, I go for a bottle of water, hahaha. Or fruit! However, I don’t want to say just that, so here is what I usually went for back a few months/years ago…probably the first thing I spot in the fridge or around the kitchen, such as ice-cream (H?agen-Dazs for sure) or Oreo’s with a glass of milk. I think H?agen-Dazs makes the best ice-cream ever! 😉 My snacks did depend on my mood and whether I was craving something in particular.