Bill Gates Semi-Retirement/ Last days of XP
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How do you guys feel about Bill Gates leaving Microsoft, do you think it’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing for Microsoft?

And also how do you guys feel that you might have to buy Vista because I believe that Microsoft’s June 30 last-day-to-ship OEM Windows XP to OEM builders, Do you guys think you will know update to Vista?

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I can see Bill Gates leaving being both a good thing and a bad thing. As for upgrading to Vista, I will probably stick to XP for awhile yet. As of this time its just financially going to happen.

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It could be a good thing I mean it gives someone else the chance to step up to the plate and see what they can do. I will still stay with xp for now as for financial reasons but xp isnt bad really. I dont see why you would have to buy vista I mean there are still people out there with 98 so not many but still some. In reality xp is like 98 in that people will still use it for a long time before getting rid of it. And I will be one of those people.

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I don’t really think it matters who is in charge of Microsoft.  The real issue is if they stop activating xp we are all out of luck.  I have soft ware that only runs on xp and will never run on vista.  The software manufacturer will not up date it for that what will happen.  Without xp I have a lot of very expensive junk.