Favourite Car Exotic Car Company?
Lamborghini 1
Ferrari 2
Porsche 0
Maserati 0
Aston Martin 0
Bugatti 0
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Favourite Exotic Car Company?
Posted: 23 June 2008 07:43 PM     [ Ignore ]  
Might As Well Be A Mod
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Hey just wanted to know what everyones favourite exotic car company is. I’ve always been a diehard sport car lover so I definately wanna hear what peoples favourites are.

So choose your favourite company and list your favourite model.

My personal favourite is Ferrari, I have loved them since I started liking cars. Just beautiful cars. They have a sexy look, very aggressive looking but not futurisic such as Lamborghini’s are. I do love the Lambo doors though. My favourite model would have to be the Ferrari F430 in Metallic Grey. I’ve always loved the Metallic Grey on Ferrari. And yellow, Red is just too plain although it is the favoured color for the car.

Aside from that, the Lamborghini Reventon is a freaking sexy car. Only 20 made. And you wonder why. Its a beast of a car. Looks like Batman’s ride. I have a few pictures i got of one being unboxed in Vegas. Such a sick car.

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In The Club
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I don’t really keep up with exotic car companies much, but I’ve always loved the Ferrari Enzo ever since it came out a while back. I remember buying a car magazine and showing everyone in my school and we all admired the Ferrari Enzo release. I remember it being 5th grade or so lol.

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I’m a ferrari man myself, love everything about them from the looks to the keys.  I’ve gone to central Florida to look at a few, and was this close || to charging one.. but then reality hit me 😉

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I'm A Regular
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Wow, exotic car companies are amazing and well, it is hard to choose which one out of all those. I don’t know too much about cars, but I would choose Porsche. I think they are such a great company but there is something that stands out about them for me. I have always stuck and grown to love Porsche ever since I was a kid and I don’t know why that is! I think maybe the media or just people that I talk to have influenced me to choose Porsche. I use to spend hours and hours browsing the cars and well, drooling over all the gorgeous pictures. I love visiting the website and looking at them. I don’t really have a particular one that I like though, haha, they’re all pretty sexy cars.

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I dont really keep up with them either, I couldnt afford any of them anyways. But I did choose the lamborghini. Just always liked the looks of this car. But its nice to dream anyway. I couldnt even tell you how much one of those even run, but I know its more then what I could afford.