What the freak is with this forum?
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Okay, it seems as if this forum is just an empty space again. I mean, I know I lost, but many say they would stay despite losing the previous contest, but I kept my word, everyone else left.

Boards are inactive and about 90% of the users who joined to win the laptop have vanished for good. Which explains why I don’t come here as often.

Andru, you must draw a crowd.

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I think a lot of us are needing a break from that “posting” contest, haha. It’s nearing the end of June which means it is quite a busy time for everyone. I’m nearing the end of my Spring classes and studying for my final exams, so I can’t be on Gear Live all the time right now. I agree, I wish the boards were a bit more active though, but oh well.

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I have 3 cram sessions over the weekdays that’re 3 hours each, half a month of 5 hour volunteer work daily, 1 community college class over the weekends that’s 5 hours, and I have HijackThis training AND my blog to keep up with. I also won a trip to China, but I’m not even sure if I’m going this year or not due to the disasters right now-.-
I am still alive… just… not…..
I’m thirsty. D:

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I’m still here. I check the site out everyday. Did you really think the majority of people that entered the contest and said that they would stay would actually stay on after not winning?

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I’ve been checking here several times a day. Guess you can say I didn’t leave.  😝

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Gohan_Bcc1 has not left!

But everyone else did. I win? lol

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I have been checking the forums a few times a day, but so far there has not been a lot of conversation.  I have also been really busy working extra hours over the last couple weeks, but that will be back to normal hours in July.  Perhaps I will start some new topics, as there have not been very many new ones created since the end of the contest!

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I’ve kinda been checking out the blog and forums but I didn’t feel like logging in most of the time. Also, if you want my honest answer, I’m kinda saving all my posts until the iPhone contest begins. not trying to get a BUNCH of point at one time but I just want to get the iPhone REALLY badly lol.