The problems that i found with this forum are
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I found some problems with our forum

1) No email notifications , when we are posting the reply , even we tick the Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread

2) If i am trying to send private message to andru or other moderators, i am not able to because, when i am clicking send a private message button in their profiles, i am headed bak to my profile, it might be , i got limited access.

3) Not able to view, news tips section in the forum, this might also be due to limited access

4) When i am posting comments in other blogs
For example, i posted comments in celebrity forum, but no increase in points

5) No points, even if i vote in a poll, from the starting.

6) Even though all my comments got deleted recently, my profile is showing all the comment count that i posted.

Hope I will get my problems resolved soon, if i am not blocked under limited access or something.

Thank you.

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The email notifications go under spam raspberry that where all mine go!

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email notification is not really a big issue for me—I never sign up for email notification (especially for sites like Facebook) because it just floods my inbox.  I would rather check every once in awhile to see what responses I got by just bookmarking the page, though at this point there are not a lot of conversations going on in the forums so your thread is much less likely to be buried!