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is it true that with a mod chip a computer can play Playstation games?

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rezbel - 06 June 2008 11:22 PM

is it true that with a mod chip a computer can play Playstation games?

This is an overview, terminology is targeted at the newbie, if you are looking for in depth technical data look to the sites on my links page.

The xbox has a bios like a computer, a mod chip replaces that bios with another. Microsoft decided to shut off many computer like features in the xbox, lots of techie geeks noticed this and found the keys to unlock them. Some modders are driven by greed and game copying, others use the xbox as a computer running Linux or an advanced DVD/video player, some are working on tivo like functionality. The xbox being in terms of processing and graphics technology, the most powerful console on the market makes it a great platform to expand.

Like a PC when an Xbox boots it accesses the bios, in Xbox terms TSOP.  Many tasks are performed including checking memory, video, presence of DVD, Hard Drive etc.  Once these tasks are complete it asks the hard drive to load the operating system.

Enter the Mod Chip, these are chips designed to perform the same functions as the normal TSOP but are altered slightly, they are hardwired to the board and come in may configurations from 30 wires, or 9 wires to no wires at all to solder.  They wedge their way in, and take over for the standard bios and perform the functions for it.  What not to do when soldering a mod chip

One standard alteration in all aftermarket bios’s is there is no longer a check for signed code.  Original games have a digital signature that is checked for accuracy, if this check fails the game or application will not load.  Loading a bios that does not do a signature check allows modders to run unsigned code.  For some this means they can allow their Xbox to play games that are burned to CD’s.  In theory one can burn copies of games they own, make a backup and play the backup and keep the original safely in its case.*  More importantly you are able to use this to install Linux on an Xbox, through the use of an altered bios you will be able to link your Xbox through a network connection and upload files as necessary.


I and do not condone the illegal copying of games or circumvention of copy protection