FIFA World Cup Review: Argentina 2, Ivory Coast 1
Posted: 11 June 2006 02:09 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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This is a strong grouping here in Hamburg with Argentina, Ivory Coast, The Netherlands, and Serbia-Montenegro.  In fact, it’s arguably one of the more difficult ones, in the World Cup.  Argentina came into the tournament having won twice, last time in 1986 with the legendary Diego Maradona, but this is a very young team that is on its way up.

This was a very well-played match with Argentina coming out on top, thanks to goals from Hernan Crespo and Javier Soviola in the first half of the matchup.  Didier Drogba scored the lone goal for the Ivory Coast in the 82nd minute of the game, but by then, it was too late.