FIFA World Cup Review: England 1, Paraguay 0
Posted: 11 June 2006 02:03 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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Poor Paraguay captain, Carlos Gammarra.  He was a part of history twice in this matchup with England, but it definitely was not good things to be a part of.  Less than three minutes into the match, Gammarra inadvertently headed a ball off of a David Beckham kick into his own goal, which became the fastest own-goal in the history of the tournament. 

And when the English team took the field in the second half, they played flat thanks to the rise in tempature and since no one else for Paraguay scored, Gammarra directly affected history again by this match being the first one decided by an own-goal.  However, Gammarra shouldn’t hang his head for putting his team in the predicament of losing a game that could be critical in a three match-up group playoff to see who moves forward into the next round.  If it wasn’t for Gammarra, I doubt Paraguay would be in the World Cup right now.

England is now 3-0 in World Cup play versus Paraguay.