Tennessee Titans Trade Steve McNair To Baltimore Ravens
Posted: 08 June 2006 01:33 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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Okay, so it’s not a DONE done deal as the former NFL MVP, Steve McNair, still needs to pass a physical.  It’s more of a formality and this will get finalized.  This trade wasn’t much of a surprise as it’s been rumored for months now, but for it to finally get done will help the Titans organization and McNair to move on with the business of playing football and not football business. 

Some other winners here?  The Baltimore Ravens receivers, who haven’t had a decent quarterback take the snap from under center for several seasons.  In particular, I think McNair’s former Titans teammate, WR Derrick Mason should be happy as he was McNair’s main target back in Tennessee.  Another winner?  The newly drafted Titans QB Vince Young.  The irony here is that Young is compared to McNair in their ability to throw and run.

So, who loses?  Without question, Ravens QB Kyle Boller gets the downgrade here from his starting spot.  There was great hope for Boller a couple of seasons ago, but he didn’t come close to delivering on the Ravens’ faith.  However, Boller is still a young kid (25 years old on June 17) and there’s nothing wrong with learning from an MVP.  Hopefully, Boller will take advantage of it.  If not, he loses a little more.

McNair will bring a tough mentality to the Ravens and a winning attitude.  He will easily command the players in the huddle and have a leadership role that has been missing from a Ravens QB for quite some time.  Despite the wear and tear that goes with being an NFL quarterback, McNair’s talent level is still pretty good and has a couple of seasons left in the tank, if you ask me.