How to Enjoy the 2008 Beijing Olympics
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You may be an Olympic enthusiast already, or perhaps you?re more of a casual sports fan.  In fact, you may not be a fan of sports whatsoever, but there?s still likely to be something for you during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Here are some things to keep in mind to enhance your enjoyment of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

First of all, it?s important to keep an open mind as you follow the Olympics.  Try watching sports that you may not have any immediate interest in, or that you have never seen at all.  Often times, Olympic sports that don?t garner much attention, such as synchronized swimming or water polo, may be among the most fascinating to watch.  You will never know whether you like a particular sport unless you give it a try!

While you?re giving other sports a chance, give other countries an opportunity to impress you, as well.  One of the most unique aspects of the Olympic Games, and the thing that sets them apart from many other competitions, is the international flair that the Games have.  It?s fun to root on your own country and the athletes that represent it, but many times you will also find yourself admiring that determination and skill of athletes from other countries as well.  There?s nothing wrong with that, after all, that?s what the Olympics are all about!

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, be sure to catch the dramatic and historic Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well.  The Ceremonies are among the most popular events in the Olympic Games, even though no actual competition takes place in them.  What the Opening Ceremony (and Closing Ceremony) is all about is providing a showcase for the cultural beauty and individuality of all the countries involved, while also emphasizing the essential unity of the world community.

In addition, the Opening Ceremony provides a joyful celebration of the exciting events to come, and is sure to get you pumped up for the rest of the Olympic Games.  Meanwhile, the Closing Ceremony celebrates all that we have seen, while showing respect between athletes and countries alike.  No viewing of the Olympic Games is complete without witnessing the dynamic and amazing Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Olympic Games aren?t just about scores, finishing times, and medals, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be no different.  The most enthralling and captivating moments don?t necessarily involve who wins and who loses, but the human stories that emerge throughout the friendly competition between countries.  If the 2008 Beijing Olympics are similar to previous editions of the Olympic Games, there will be no shortage of inspirational, touching, and amusing storylines and athletes.  Be sure to keep an eye on them, if you want to maximize your enjoyment of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Another way to really enjoy the Olympic Games is to watch it with your family and friends.  Sports and friendly competition provide a wonderful bonding environment that can help bridge gaps and show you that you have more in common with others than you may have previously thought.  Sports transcend age, cultural, and political differences, and thusly are a great platform to use to bond with people that you may normally have very little in common with, or who you may not always agree with. 

Finally, if you get a chance, try some of the sports out yourself!  Kick a soccer ball around, shoot some baskets outside, or go for a run to experience what the competition is like for yourself.  You?ll likely have a newfound respect for the athletes who compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics when you see for yourself just how much difficulty the different sports and events present to competitors. 

No matter how you spend your time watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, make sure to enjoy them- after all, they only come every four years!  The Olympics are a time like no other, a celebration of sports, competition, and unity?make sure that you are a part of the fun!

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