Sapphire makes Quad-HD 3840x2160 display
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Sapphire sells quite a few Quadros but only in the Asia Pacific area, and they built one funky display that supports Quad-HD resolution. We’ve seen some pictures and video on 56-inch displays powered by AMD FireGL workstation system and FireGL V8650 GPU with 2GB memory. For all of you who only know the metric system that traslates to 142cm diagonal.

Don’t be too optimistic that this display will be cheap, as it currently costs close to $50000 USD and it is meant for use by medical facilities and some special customers.

You can probably buy one if you have $50k USD to burn, and we’ve got goose bumps from playing a tough game on this display.

Here is this monster display with Uber cool picture resolution next to Mr. Bill Donnelly, Sapphire’s PR Director, and a hippie representative of the homo sapiens species.

Will you pay $50,000 for a TV?

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Woah, this would be an insane TV and gaming experience!!  However, if I had $50,000 to spare, I wouldnt spend it on this TV, even though it is insanely expensive!  I would rather invest the money in the markets or something.  At an annual return of 5% that would be $2,500 of extra income a year!  So every year you would have enough money to buy a new expensive HDTV with a home theater system!  I would rather have an annual purchase like this where I can cycle out the models instead of buying one giant TV that you will be using for a long long time.  Of course, this is all hypothetical because theres no way on earth I could afford a $50,000 TV now, but still one can dream!

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Dominp Video Converter Pro can be used as a HD converter. You can try for it maybe

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yes this will be a nice event and if we all are there we will have more fun what do you think about that i has such experience in the chinese capital it was awesome so be ready for .............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…...........  😉

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Quadros Sapphire sells relatively few, but only in the Asia-Pacific, and built a funky screen that supports a quad-HD resolution. Weve seen some pictures and video on the screens of 56 inches powered workstations system AMD FireGL V8650 FireGL GPU and 2 GB of memory. For those who know the metric system Cambiar a 142cm diagonal.

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i did have somewhat idea about Quad-HD 3840x2160 display, but i got somewhat more idea about that which i knew not. anyway i should be thankful to you. thanks.