Choosing a Menís Snowboard Jacket
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Itís hard to understand all the features that snowboard jackets claim to have if youíre new to the sport. You might think that buying a cheaper jacket is the way to go when you first start. The problem with buying cheaper jackets is that they just donít have the same qualities of a more expensive jacket.

Although it may seem like a lot of money to invest in a jacket, itís worth the money to invest in a more expensive menís snowboard jacket. You would be surprised at how much it affects your performance. If youíre a first time boarder then a good jacket could make you a die hard fan or put you off boarding forever.

To Shell or Not?

Some snowboarders will tell you that all you need is a jacket shell. This would probably be a lot cheaper than the average menís snowboard jacket. Jacket shells allow you to layer underneath the shell depending on the weather conditions. The downside to these types of jackets is that it wonít give you much insulation.

If you find yourself getting cold often then when you look for a menís snowboard jacket you might want to look for a jacket with good insulation. If youíre worried about getting too warm then you can look for a menís snowboard jacket with good ventilation.

If youíre worried about a jacket getting too heavy with all that insulation then you can look for one with insulation in the torso. A jacket that doesnít have insulation in the arms will still keep you warm while being light. The same applies when looking for a womenís snowboard jacket.

Good Waterproofing

A good quality menís snowboard jacket will keep you dry throughout the day no matter what the weather conditions are and no matter how many times you fall off your board. Cheaper jackets will not have the same ability to keep you dry.

The difference between a cheap jacket and a good one is the material that the jackets are made from. A cheap jacket is not made from waterproof material; instead it has a waterproof coating. This will eventually wear off and you will find moisture getting into your jacket.

A good jacket on the other hand will keep you dry all the time. This is because a quality menís snowboard jacket is made from waterproof material. This way its waterproofing capabilities will never wear out. Even if you find yourself spending most of your snowboarding budget on a jacket itís definitely worth it.