Watch Snowboarding Trick Videos to Learn Basics
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Learning the basics of snowboarding tricks is important so that you can improve and increase you repertoire of tricks. Snowboarding trick videos are a great way to learn how to snowboard before you even go near a board. The best part about snowboarding trick videos is that you can break the trick down into parts so that you really understand what the trick is all about.

It can be difficult to learn how to do tricks on a snowboard just by reading instructions. Visuals can go a long way towards helping you get all the basics down. Before you know it you?ll be pulling all kinds of tricks and really impressing everyone.

The Ollie

The Ollie is one of the most basic snowboarding tricks out there. It might be hard to find snowboarding trick videos for this simple trick because some people take it for granted that you won?t need a video to master this.

It?s important to learn this trick before you move on to harder aerial tricks. The Ollie is the foundation of many aerial tricks. The best place to start with this trick is a place with a gentle slope. You need quite a wide space to practice this as well as minimal traffic. You don?t want to bump into people or fall down a lot in front of a crowd.

If you look at snowboarding trick videos the Ollie seems very easy. Although it is considered an easy trick it might take you a while to get it down. Crouch slightly on your snowboard, you don?t want to be all the way down near your board. While crouching shift your weight to your back foot.

You will probably find yourself looking at your board as you try and keep track of what your body is doing. If you watch snowboarding trick videos you will see that snowboarders look straight ahead when doing an Ollie. 

You want all the weight of your body to be on the back foot so that you can lift the nose of your board into the air. Next using the tail end as a spring, get the whole board into the air. Pull the board towards your chest with your knees. The board should be in the center underneath you.

To land you can either land with both feet, knees slightly bent. Or you can land by aiming the nose of the board to the ground. Always keep your knees bent before landing to absorb the shock of landing. Watch snowboarding trick videos a few times before trying this out.