Ever had a glitch?
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So a few times I and/or my sister would just play with our Game Boy Advance SPs.

Then all of the sudden, it makes this weird sound and the game just pauses whatsoever.

When I sometimes leave the game systems one all night, it sometimes gets a very bad glitch to the point where it freezes.

Once, I was playing Sims 2, and then all the sudden, the screen turned black, fuzzy, bright, it was awful.

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Ah yes, I was playing 24 the game for PS2 and there was this one point where you had to take out all the people in this warehouse.  Once you had taken out the first round of people though, the second round never came, and you were essentially stuck there.  After several times I got so frustrated because I wasnt sure what to do, so I looked online and sure enough it was a well documented glitch, with some quirky workaround that I don’t remember.

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i think everyone has experienced a glitch a time or two, i hate those just messes the game play up. and they seem to happen at the wrong times to. sometimes though in my experience when you try to put a code in it that can casue a glitch in the game to.

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I’ve ran in to many glitches with gameshark . if you use the gameshark code to get buhamut (or however it is spelled) for kingdom hearts it ends up jaming the game.