PS3 Deal for Americans
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Taken from Slick Deals.
Some good deals on Sony PS3 40gb for Americans.
Buy one at Walmart this week for $399.00 and get a free $100.00 Blu Ray gift card.

Or sign up for a Sony credit card and get a $100.00 credit when you purchase a PS3.;=&AFFID;=&CLICK;=&CID;=&PROMO=DF01

The kicker is that if you’re lucky enough to get your card in time you could buy the PS3 from Wal-Mart and end up getting the Blu Ray gift card and the $100.00 credit.

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They should change your name to SIR SPAM ALOT!

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  Its been great deal and also the way offers presented regarding that…
I definitely want to go for the same as you will be at the playstation…

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It is hard to imagine that a small cost of independent film and has only $16 million box-office in global box-offices, but won the favour of ascar eventually.The 《Diffuse Forces》 also created another Oscar history that is the best movie but has the lowest box office in ascar history. So, the slow and a poor box-office film defeat the hot film 《Avatar》by what(a global box-office is $25 million)?

The critic analysis that the appeared timing of 《Diffuse forces》is very good. Last year, the negative news of the war in Iraq have spread constantly in United State and the news of committed suicide of American troops in Iraq were reported often. People had a great tired feeling for this war. Just at this time, 《Diffuse forces》was born.The film is about men and war and it is starred by the actor. The background of story is set in 2004 and Iraq. around three American soldier executed a task in Baghdad that are send to the mission areas of Iraq bombs special. The film is in view of the little people to explore the Iraq war.Also it let people know that the U.S. military stationed in Iraq and their confusion and confusion. And the trauma is brought by the war to three people.It is this point of view as well as the theme conveied by film moved the Oscar judges finally. Coupled with such a masculine film is shoot by a female director, so it will be a little bit extra points.

In regard to 《Diffuse forces》defeating《Avatar》, some net friend commented:“Relative to the Bigelow’s face reality, the virtual war developed by Cameron at Disney hard for many years would be very false and naive. Especially when you take off 3D glasses and back to reality at that moment. “

Such a nice movie, have you seen it? If you have the Blu-ray discs of film, you can copy several by blu ray copy to share with your friends! Good movies is shared with person you like of course.

                                          Above content comes from

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Market cost of Sony PS3 is very high for me. i can not afford it right now. but if you can anybody give me EMI(Equally Monthly Installment) details then i can afford my pocket.

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On the internet, there’s stuff saying “Hideo Kojima” isn’t satisfied with the PS3. I’d like to talk about that today. I just got back from Paris and did 15 interviews and everyone asked me about it, did I say that. The meaning of what I said has totally been changed, made totally different. Today, I’d like to talk about that. Why did it turn into that? When I’m doing an interview, I answer in Japanese, and I can’t control how the writer will interpret that into English… What I say is then translated in English, and the writer then changes that into their own words and writes that. So, right there, the meaning of what I say changes a lot.
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