Least and Fave Fast Food
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I love Burger and Pizza Hut but Mcdonalds Sucks?!

Why? It has worms and lacks taste and makes you feel sick.

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Well, this is hard because I haven’t actually tried all the fast food places! I’ve never had Wendy’s or Burger King to be honest. I think my favorite fast food would probably be KFC or A&W;. Yes, they are quite greasy and everything, but their menu is so great and yummy. My least favorite…I don’t think I have a least favorite because it is hard to compare them. I’ve never had a fast food experience where I was like “GROSS!” so I can’t answer that question. Interesting question to think about though!

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What? McDonalds isnt that bad tasting… maybe not the healthiest thing in the world but thats a different debate…
My favorite food would have to be pulled pork and apple pie (not necessarily that combination but each of them separately)
My least favorite food would be brussel sprouts or anything thats really really chewy

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well i love food so let me think about this hmmm…....
well long john silvers i dont eat fish that often so that is one of my least and burger king they have to much grill taste for me and fazollis not into itallian much and mcdonalds they are to greasy and wendys they are greasy to.